Natural Resources

Responding to the Commonwealth’s Strategic Priorities on Natural Resources, addressing the Chesapeake Bay Restoration:  Protect and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay, by making every effort to meet the goals for nutrient reduction outlined in the federal government’s cleanup plan, Land Conservation:  Implement a targeted, strategic land conservation plan that protects Virginia’s biodiversity and public access and Climate Change:  Prepare the Commonwealth for the effects of climate change and reduce the state’s contribution to its causes, the University of Virginia supports the Natural Resources strategic priority through its teaching, significant research and collaborations with governmental and nonprofit organizations and outreach activities used to educate and motivate collaboration and innovation among stakeholders.


UVA Issue Area Lead:

Karen McGlathery
Associate Vice President for Research, Sustainability & the Environment and Professor of Environmental Sciences, Director of the Virginia Coast Reserve Long Term Ecological Research (VCR LTER) program

State Lead:

Additional UVa Expertise:

Tim Beatley, Department of Land use and Urban Planning (SARC)
John Cannon, Law
Lisa Colosi Peterson, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SEAS)
Tanya Denckla-Cobb, Institute for Environmental Negotiation (SARC)
Jim Galloway, Department of Environmental Sciences (CLAS) John Goodall, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SEAS)
Gerry Learmonth (Batten School)
Mike Pace, Department of Environmental Sciences (CLAS)
Matthew Reidebach, Department of Environmental Sciences (CLAS)
Todd Scanlon, Department of Environmental Sciences (CLAS)
David Smith, Department of Environmental Sciences (CLAS)
Alex Wall, Department of Land use and Urban Planning (SARC)
Mark White, McIntire School of Commerce
Patricia Wiberg, Department of Environmental Sciences (CLAS)